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AIA Project - Office of Design, Energy Audit, Real Estate Evaluation and Auxiliary Services

We, AIA Project, are primarily looking to become a company of excellence considering the services we provide to our partners, clients and colleagues. We are preparing to build more than buildings, we design large or small brand places that people interacting with them search for and retain, places that define, represent and support the groups, communities or businesses they serve, in full and maximum respect to the environment.

Our services:
- Arrangements, Refurbishments and Renovations
- Energy audit
- Fire Brigade Authorization / ISU Notice
- Opinions and agreements
- Calcul Global G
- Cadastre and Registration, Appartement
- Acquisition consultancy
- Real Estate Rating
- Geotechnical study
- Urban Planning
- House Project
- Energy certificate

House projects:
- Ground floor projects
- Ground floor projects with attic P + M
- Ground floor houses with GF + 1 floors
- Upper-floor and attic projects
- Projects with 2+ floors
- Wooden houses projects
- Personalized home projects
Interior Design
Arrangements, Refurbishment and Renovations at the AIA Architecture Office

Whether you have a new home and you want to decorate it or your old home should be renovated and refurbished AIA Interior Design Architect will help in arranging, refurbishing or renovating a space, house or apartment, office or mixed functions by providing the most good solutions from planning and support ideas throughout the approval or authorization for modifications as well as the implementation, the purchase of materials and furniture, the tracking of the execution works to the smallest detail so that the result is exactly the taste and according to the expectations .

An interior design architect AIA Project, besides its distinctive, luxurious, minimalist or classic look, can help you gain space for use or other functions. The AIA Project services combine the aesthetics of the arrangement with the usefulness of the spite arranged to maximize the effects of both coordinates.

The pricing of the works is transparent, depending on the surface, for each type of work, the workpieces are presented so that the work can be evaluated and what services are included. The value of the services can be based on types of works and deadlines.
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Architectural and Design Services - TIP Home or Personalized Project - AIA Project

Looking for a home project? Do you plan to build your dream home? Choosing and building a home is often a unique experience in life. With a variety of variants, in different styles and sizes, we are sure we can put you at your disposal exactly that house project you are looking for. Our collection of house projects is impressive and partly this is available in the project section of houses on this website. Find here all the necessary support, go to the dedicated home and house projects page, where you can choose from a variety of variants and many other resources that you can use throughout your home construction from idea to move. We provide support and we are involved in providing our partners with a turnkey home project. CLICK on the image below to access our online project section home or custom house. Any house design available adapts to the layout you want and the size of the land.

Stage of a project at AIA Project

Initial Consultations: The most important part of the start of a typical or custom house project is the initial discussion in which we will listen to the opinions, aspirations and the dream you want to fulfill. With the materialization of this analysis, we move on to the current and future expectations of this project, the personalized house or the necessary adaptations to the lifestyle, location and budget available.

Finalizing and verifying a house project: When all the project elements have been well defined and corroborated, the preliminary documents are presented to you and this first home project version will be evaluated together with our specialized staff to make sure everything is as you want. The final option will be exclusive to you and will be subject to approval to complete this type of house or personalized project.

Authorization and construction documentation: Once customized and finalized this house project, we make available to you, according to the requirements you are asking for a project for authorization and building, together with all our support to put into operation your dream. Our project is complete and includes architecture, structure and installations together with general and specific recommendations regarding this project house in view of obtaining authorization and construction. We offer you all the support for obtaining the building permit for this house project and we will advise you throughout its execution.
Ground floor house with ground floor GF + 1 BEGONIA from AIA Project: Casa Begonia, ground floor house project and P + 1 project is dedicated to a family of 3-4 members. The playful, story-driven atmosphere of the house is supported by simple volumetry, f
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Engineering Surveying / Geodesy / Topography
AIA Project will provide top quality cadastre and registration services in the best conditions. According to the Law no. 7/1996, the general cadastre is the unitary and compulsory technical, economic and legal system for the identification, registration, representation on maps and cadastral plans of all land and other real estate on the whole territory country, regardless of their destination and landlord.

Note that a cadastral documentation does not place a property act, but instead certify the property with an exact identification and registration of the property for the rightful owner.

 Contact AIA Project if you need:

- Cadastral documentation for apartments, houses, villas, intravilan and extravilan lands;
- Updates / Rectifications of cadastre and registration, modification of the property limit and / or modification of the real estate surface;
- Cadastre and registration of new constructions - Registration of a new building in the Land Book;
- Dismantling and landscaping of intravilan and extravilan lands;
- Dismantling blocks of flats, lounges, garages and common parts;
- Plans related to the documentation for definitive set-aside of land in urban and out-of-town areas;
- Three-dimensional records for civil and industrial constructions
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Geotechnical, hydrogeological, geological studie
Geotechnical documentation is prepared for any civil construction (houses, villas, blocks, office buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals), industrial (halls, factories, warehouses, silos), agrozootechnical, energetic (wind power plants, solar panels, hydropower plants) mining, telecommunications, municipal and communal households (water, gas, sewage networks), for railways, road, road, airport, bridges, tunnels, for port constructions, shipyards and marine platforms, for hydro-technical constructions and landscaping, for land improvement, as well as for any other building category.

Geotechnical documentation is also carried out for works to improve land stability through piles, anchors or supporting walls, for landfills or tailings, or for quarries.

How and where can I get a geotechnical study?

Refer to a specialist,, because the realization of a geotechnical study should be treated with the utmost care, as the importance of geotechnical documentation. We recommend that you perform a geotechnical study (geo study) before buying a plot.

We are at your disposal in Bucharest, Ilfov and its surroundings
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Urban Planning
Urban Planning

A detailed urban plan constitutes the technical and legal support of the conditions contained in the Urbanism Certificate, which is the basis for obtaining the Construction Authorization.

PUD is required in the following situations:
- if the site in question does not enter the area of inclusion of an already approved PUD;
- if the town planning regulations and the general rules established by the PUZ are not sufficient to define the building conditions;
- if it is intended to modify the provisions of an existing and approved PUD / PUZ (modification of withdrawals from the property limit, modification of the tramway withdrawals, modification of the height regime, POT modification, etc.).
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Obtaining approvals, Authorisation applications
Fire Authorization / ISU Notice

We draw up the documentation required for fire authorization / ISU notice with the filing of the fire safety file. AIA Project is a legal person authorized by ISU (IGSU - General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) according to OMAI no. 87/2010 and with subsequent modifications and completions, for carrying out design works for systems and installations for limiting and extinguishing fires. We provide all those interested in ISUs / Fire Brigade authorization by submitting fire safety documentation to our expertise.

Contact a specialist for an ISU offer / Fire Authorization with the submission of fire safety documentation.
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Certifications / Audit
Do you want to have an ample, clear and realistic picture of how energy consumption is achieved in your property by determining consumption weights on production steps and on auxiliary flows?

We provide energy audit services. The main objective of an energy audit is to quantify, through cost-benefit analysis and the development of feasible solutions for increasing energy efficiency. All energy auditors AIA Project are active members of the Association of Energy Auditors for Buildings in Romania.

An energy audit is drafted by energy auditors AIA Project for Buildings, authorized / accredited by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.

Through an energy audit conceived and implemented by AIA Project we ensure the reduction of the energy expenses so that the economy achieved will finally cover the costs of project financing.

You can benefit from the services provided by AIA Project with guaranteed results:

- Energy consumption and energy audit analysis;
- Energy management;
- Periodic efficiency plan (quarterly, yearly, etc.)
- Developing and implementing the project for reduction and optimization of consumption;
- Identifying the best financing possibilities;
- Operating and maintenance support;
- Monitor and evaluate savings
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Real estate acquisition consultancy (land or building), design and construction

Need a specialist! AIA Services Consulting Services Real estate acquisition (land or building) can help you:

- Reduce the deadline for investment / construction
- you have access to specialized techniques and knowledge
- Reduce the costs of future execution
- Real Estate Procurement Consultancy AIA Project Acquisition Consultancy Acquisition Consultancy Real Estate Procurement Consultancy AIA Project
- Real estate acquisition consultancy AIA Project
- you can use new techniques and technologies
- you have the opportunity to get valued and dedicated, dedicated and dedicated reviews

Call AIA Project because when purchasing land you have to consider a number of factors such as:

- mandatory withdrawals from ownership limits;
- the maximum occupancy of the land (POT);
- land use coefficient (CUT);
- other urbanistic indicators;
- the existence of utilities in the area;
- the nature of the foundation ground;
- existence of possible main pipelines on site;
- other factors.
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Extensions & Renovations / Homebuilding
AIA Project will help you to renovate a space, house or apartment, office or mixed functions by providing the best solutions in the field.

Renovating a house is done in several stages starting from foundation, masonry and at the end, roofing. Check the state of the foundation, the resistance and then the masonry. It is also necessary to consider the roof support (solid beams or poles) that must be thoroughly checked. If it is desired to change the roof of the ceramic tile sheet, it is necessary to consider whether the barns and the decking can support the weight required for ceramic tile cover.

The prices are negotiated according to the type of works, their complexity and the execution deadlines. For a fair price and affordable price, please make an offer request including all the details.
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Real Estate Valuation
Real estate / property evaluation.

What do I need a real estate valuation report:

- dividing the revenue from the sale of the real estate
- I want to know the market value of the real estate or the real estate owned by me.
- real estate expertise (evaluation report or express assessment) requested by the courts (which are and may be used as evidence by lawyers and judges for share, patrimonial processes and other civil or criminal trials.
- real estate valuation for businesses, public institutions and embassies.

We are at your disposal for any queries about real estate valuation services or how to get a real estate valuation report or express value of your property.

The AIA Project Evaluator is the Authorized Individual (PFA) and holds the EPI and EBM accreditation granted by ANEVAR.
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