Bog Design and Concept

County Buckinghamshire, England

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Facades, curtain walls, bond cladding, HPL cladding, planks, siding planks, Flooring, sports flooring, carpet tiles, floor coverings, mats of various types, glass closure, Doors, Special Doors, Sliding Doors, Automatic Doors, Fire Doors

Latest products added by Bog Design and Concept

Interior and exterior decoration are our expertise!

We offer the necessary materials but also the execution of services related to them. Our services: design, execution and assembly for a wide range of products such as: retractable / fixed or sliding pool coatings, terraces, greenhouses, skylights, curtain walls, aluminum / PVC joinery, HPL veneered facades.

Among the products we are selling: Facades (curtain walls, bonding cladding, HPL cladding, plating, siding plating), Flooring (Sports flooring, tile carpeting, floor coverings, mats of different types), Glass closure balconies, swimming pools, skylights, awnings), special doors (sliding doors, automatic doors, fire doors).