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County Caernarvonshire, Wales

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CAD Konstruct is a recognized leader in the metallic tiles market and offers complete professional solutions and systems for: metal tiles, gerard tiles, attic windows etc

Because the purchase of a cover is a complex activity, we want to keep our clients out of all the problems that may arise after the completion of the assembly works. In this regard, we have focused from the beginning on the correct design of the cover, on offering the complete range of materials needed for a covering, on assuring a high quality assembling.

At the already listed items, we added free shipping and continuous assistance for any problem the customer would have in the procurement of a cover, no matter if it is a metal tile or Gerard tile. This orientation has brought us recognition and trust in the market of cover systems, proven by the number and quality of the work done, proven by the desire of the brand-makers to work with us.

Metal tiles
Gerard Tigle
Membranes and foils
Storm systems
Attic windows
Access stairs in the attic
Garage doors

It is important that you want a quality cover, we take care of the rest!
Cad Konstruct provides the following services:

Roofing Services / Roofing Contractors / Roof coverings

Cad Konstruct offers metal tiling installation services with its own professional teams or collaborators for roofs, drainage systems or services for installing attic windows.

Mounting the metallic tile
Technical assistance for the installation of the metal tile
Installed properly, metallic roofing systems resist over time so their performance will be at full capacity.
Special profile tiles
Our clients need special sheet profiles at different angles and sizes. The Cad Construct team performs special profiles that cover all the needs of all our customers.
Roofing Services / Roofing Contractors / Roof coverings Cad Konstruct
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