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Carasyn Kunstoffe Gmbh & Co.KG is a medium-sized enterprise in the plastics processing industry. Our main activity is the production and marketing of profiles obtained from thermoplastic.

We produce profiles according to customer needs. Individual solutions or standard items, depending on the uses of each and the domain in which they are used. Whether it's a new model according to the client's request or after the sketch, its sample, either according to the models we own at the moment.

Our company has over 50 years of experience in the field of profiles and over 8000 valid products. Usage areas for our products are virtually limitless:
for example in the furniture industry (eg sealing) in the construction sector (eg seals for doors, windows, shower cabins, facade surfaces, etc.).
We produce technical profiles used in special applications. Even in the clothing industry we can use several types of our profiles such as belts. Due to the unusual features of the materials, innovative applications have been added.

We can also produce profiles with normal or printed surfaces as well as co-extruded profiles of different materials. Through our production process, we are in a position to quickly adapt our customers' wishes. From the first idea to the final product, we see a reliable partner in our clients.

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