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EURO QUALITY TEST offers the following services:

1. Expertise, Consultancy (Engineering, Designing, Site Conduct, Monitoring) and In-situ Testing and Communications - Roads, Railways, Bridges, Art Works, Civil and Industrial Construction;

2. Technical Consultancy for Certification of Conformity of Building Products and Materials

3. Laboratory of ISC-certified building grade II tests on the following domains:

- GTF (Geotechnics and foundation ground),

- MBM (Concrete and Mortar Materials),

- BBABP (Concrete, Concrete Armat, Precompressed Concrete),

- AR (Reinforced steel concrete, wire or welded mesh),

- ANCFD (Natural Aggregates for CF and Roads),

- MD (Road Materials),

- D (Roads),

- HITIF (Hydro Insulations, Thermal Insulations and Sound Insulations),

- VNCEC (Nondestructive Tests and Construction Performance in Construction)

4. Geotechnical, Geological, Hydrogeological and Environmental Impact Studies, Water Drills, Hydrostatic Level Inspection Drills and Exhausts for Construction and Communication Roads

5. Cadastre and Topography - Cadastre, Engraving, Detailed Topographic Plans, GPS, Consultancy, Assistance, Execution, Topographic Monitoring

6. Architecture and Design - Technical documentation for the realization of Urban Plans - PUG (General), PUZ (Zonal), PUD (Detail), Urbanism Certificate (CU), Construction Authorization (DTAC), Design (PTh + DDE);

7. Underwater drilling conducted by communication ways - roads and railways

8. Civil engineering

EURO QUALITY TEST has documented, implemented and certified an integrated management system according to SR EN ISO 9000: 2008 - Quality, 14000: 2005 - Environment and OHSAS 18001: 2008 - Occupational Health and Safety, and for the Test Laboratory according to SR EN ISO 17025: 2005

EURO QUALITY TEST is a member of professional associations:

CNCisC - National Commission on in situ behavior of constructions

APDP - Professional Association of Roads and Bridges

RNLC - National Network of Laboratories in Construction

SRGF - Romanian Geotechnical Society and Foundations

AICPS - Association of Structural Engineers of Structures Engineers

ISSMGE - The International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

EuroGeoSurvey - European Society of Geological Engineers
EURO QUALITY TEST performs through competent / recognized / attested / authorized personnel the following:

- Documentation for the issue of the Urbanism Certificate.
- Technical advice for obtaining the endorsements specified in the Urbanism Certificate.
- Study Architecture Project Solution.
- Technical consultancy in obtaining specialized studies (Technical Expertise, Geotechnical Studies)
- Construction Authorization Projects (P.A.C.) or Demolition (P.A.D.)
- Sanitary Organization Projects (P.O.S.)
- Technical Projects with Execution Details (P.T.-D.D.E.).
- Prepare Antimassuratori, Task Book, Cost Estimates.
- Technical Consultancy and Site Tracking.
- Consultancy and Interior Design
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Engineering Surveying / Geodesy / Topography

EURO QUALITY TEST performs with competent personnel / recognized / certified / authorized by ANCPI - Experts 1st Class Cadastre / Cartography / Geodesy, specialized services for:

- Cadastre and Intabulation of apartments;
- Cadastre and registration of office buildings, commercial buildings;
- Cadastre and land registration without construction;
- Cadastre and land registration with construction;
- Registration of construction, registration of new construction;
- Dismantling / Joining (immovable) buildings;
- Update / Correction Cadastre, modification of the property limit and / or modification of the land surface;
- Technical Opinion OC.P.I. - Required to obtain P.A.C., P.U.Z., P.U.D .;
- Technical Notice required to obtain the postal number;
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Geotechnical, hydrogeological, geological studie
Description Certified Geotechnical Studies

Geotechnical Studies for Roads, Railways, Bridges and Works of Art, Civil and Industrial Construction
Making drills within 5 days after signing the contract / launching orders.
We prepare the Geotechnical Study according to the legal requirements (Law 10/1995 - Quality in Construction and Normative NP074-2007 - Preparation and verification of geotechnical documentation).
We assure an approved project validator Af.
Drafting and releasing Test Reports within 15 days after drilling and sampling.
The EURO QUALITY TEST Bucharest laboratory is authorized by the State Inspectorate of Construction as the Second Level Testing Laboratory - GTF profile - Geotechnics and foundation ground.
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EURO QUALITY TEST performs technical experts in the field and the Material Testing and Testing Laboratory Technical Consultancy for Certification of Conformity of Building Products and Materials.

The advantages of certification (in the voluntary or regulated field) of construction products are the following:

- is the most profitable investment, providing customers with the certainty that certified products meet the required quality requirements;
- Ensures transparency in product-related processes by identifying weaknesses, optimizing problem solving, and continually improving product and manufacturing processes.
- requires the analysis of product characteristics.
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Site inspector / Technical Assistance
Consultancy and site conductivity activity assured by EURO QUALITY TEST and in the tracking of the execution of the works on the site, through authorized guides / inspectors

Some of the assignments of a site supervisor (site inspector):
- check projects and their quality; Finds potential shortcomings and requests requests or completions from the designer;
- check the existence of the determining phases and the quality control program in the project;
- verify the existence of the building permit;
- follows the execution of the construction in accordance with the provisions of the technical project, plans, memos, prospectuses, specification, contractual clauses, etc .;
- Participates in the selection of contractors and building materials;
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Diagnosis expertises
Expertise Constructions: DETERMINARI G.P.S.

Service Description for GSP Determinations
- Geodetic networks by G.P.S .;
- Data processing and postprocessing G.P.S. - G.N.S.S .;
We own modern topographic equipment: TOPCON total stations; G.P.S.-TRIMBLE and performance data processing software and the quality of our work is guaranteed by our Experts' experience.

The topographical works are executed in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting the norms issued by the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising.

Price: 1000.00 RON
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Inspection and quality control services
Expertise Constructions

Expertise and quality check of road rehabilitation materials

Road Expertise, respectively The determination of the quality of the materials used for road rehabilitation consists of:

Sampling of the road system - cylindrical carriages
Carots are physically identified (appearance and dimensions - asphalt mix layer thickness)
The carotels are subjected to tests in the EURO QUALITY TEST SRL Lab certified by ISC as a grade II laboratory on the MD-road and D-road materials, determining the following important parameters of the asphalt mix (physico-mechanical characteristics) according to legal regulations:
- bitumen content
- granulometric composition
- apparent bulk density,
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Construction Testing & Analysis Services
Laboratory of analysis and testing of materials and construction works

The Laboratory of Analyzes and Tests performs quality assurance services for construction materials and works.

By implementing the quality management system, having as reference the SR EN ISO / CEI 17025/2005 standard, the laboratory assures clients the quality of its services.

The Euro Quality Test Lab offers its clients:

- Ensures independence and impartiality
- Ensure confidentiality of laboratory test results
- Ensures the quality of laboratory test results
- Has well-trained personnel to carry out the tests according to the standards in force
- It has spaces and environmental conditions for testing according to the requirements of the test standards
- Tests with high performance testing equipment with digital display and software to ensure the quality of the test results
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