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GABRIEL COPERTURE. We are the right company for your roof solutions. With projects completed and abroad (Germany, England) we provide a guarantee for all our works. We work in the field of residential and non-residential buildings and we carry out modern roofing works, interior and exterior work, thermal insulation, waterproofing.


- Installation of attic windows
- Mounting roofs
- Waterproofing services
- Installation of photovoltaic roofs
- Civil and industrial construction
- Interior design
- Wood houses
- Gutters and gutters
Gabriel Coperture provides the following services:
Interior Design
Interior design in Brasov

Why use our services when it comes to interior design in Brasov? Because we offer a warranty for the finalized works, because we have the necessary experience, because we offer the best price-quality ratio on the market. Why do not you get in touch with us as soon as possible to start the project? Are not you convinced of what we do? Well then, come to a "glass of talk" with the company's manager, to deepen the subject and maybe you will convince yourself that by choosing Gabriel Coperture, you made a best choice.

Our company offers the following interior design services:
- plaster scaffolds, walls and rigips ceilings
- plating tiles and faience
- painting, shimmering
Interior Design Gabriel Coperture
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Wood constructions
Construction Wooden houses

Do you plan to build a wooden house in Brasov, or a holiday home or why not, a cabana in the mountains? In this case, we would like to inform you that you can trust us because we build houses and villas on wooden structure, holiday cottages, attics and terraces, at a high level of quality, created and personalized according to your wishes and needs customers. A wooden house offers a pleasant and unique atmosphere as well as a number of advantages such as energy efficiency, reduced construction time and lower costs.

We have the necessary experience, ready-made tools to do the job, and skilled people who will do their best to build a wooden house, a holiday home, attics or terraces as you dreamed, the final result being over expectations. We manage to make interesting projects according to the customer's taste, because we have said that, we like to please and nothing satisfies us better than a project done as a book and a very satisfied customer.
Wood constructions Gabriel Coperture
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Roofing Services / Roofing Contractors / Roof coverings
Roof installation

The roof of a house is the first element of defense against the whims of nature. It is recommended to work with a company specializing in the installation of roof systems to benefit from a real guarantee. Damage that may occur as a result of infiltrations through the roof system may cost far more than the cost of hiring a professional team.

Gabriel Coperture offers quality roofing quality services:

- Roof measurement
- creating the roof estimate for the measurement or the client's project
- advice on the structure of the roof and the product that best suits the type of roof the client wishes to achieve
- guarantee for the work performed services
- Construction of attic structures (carpentry).
Roofing Services / Roofing Contractors / Roof coverings Gabriel Coperture
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Special coatings
Installing Photovoltaic Roofs

Photovoltaic panels are not mounted over the roof but represent the roof of the house, saving the cost of materials and roofing workmanship. The panels are provided with waterproofing systems in the joining areas. Photovoltaic systems are designed to generate electricity by converting light into electricity. We are proposing this system to you for a better future.

Are you looking for a specialized, experienced and professional company to install your photovoltaic roof? Of course we are also installing photovoltaic roofs in Brasov. We have a lot of knowledge so that we can also make such projects, which will reduce the cost of the invoices we receive on a monthly basis, which will give a nice design to your home.
Photovoltaic solar energy is to become the most appreciated source of energy (experts say in the future, but it is not known once or the year - it is important that the world will rely on this energy capture system). Solar energy is absolutely silent, does not pollute water or air and does not produce emissions, is free (momentarily) and clean. Solar energy is able to provide sufficient power for both residential and commercial use. Due to the evolution of the technology, we are currently in a continuous development of the photovoltaic technology, and the acquisition of such a system is announced to be as advantageous as possible.
Special coatings Gabriel Coperture
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Waterproofing Buildings
Waterproofing services

Waterproofing is called a watertight, continuous and homogeneous structure to protect construction elements or parts against infiltrations and / or water seepage and / or natural environmental humidity.

In construction, a structure needs waterproofing because the concrete itself is not waterproof (but can be easily waterproofed with additives). The conventional waterproofing system is based on 'membranes'. This means applying one or more layers of membranes (made up of different materials: eg bitumen, silicates, polyurethanes, PVC, EPDM, etc.) that act as a barrier between environmental water and building structure, preventing water from penetrating. Although the membrane waterproofing system is based on a precise application of these membranes, it often exhibits problems. Problems of application or adhesion to the substrate can lead to infiltration / seepage.

When it comes to waterproofing services in Brasov, we like to be always in the top, because another branch of our company is the waterproofing and thermo-insulating works. Our company performs waterproofing works with technical assistance provided by specialists, which allows the company to provide a guarantee for the execution of the works according to the type of works.

Why waste your time looking for businesses in Brasov that offers such services? Contact our team and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. Our young and experienced team is ready to help you at any time.
Waterproofing Buildings Gabriel Coperture
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Roof Windows Installations & Repairs
Installation of attic windows

The loft is the last habitable level of a building, located just below its inclined roof. Characteristic elements of the attic are its walls tilted at two different angles. The roof slope is higher on the lower part of the roof, where the windows are located. The lofts, unlike bridges, can be illuminated and ventilated through velux windows, often mistakenly considered as attics, getting light and air through the skylights. Another important aspect in defining the attic and differentiating it from the attic is that a bridge can be uncircumcised, unlike the attic that is always circulating (especially habitable).

Of course we are dealing with assembling attic windows in Brasov, either as Velux, Roto, Fakro or other brands. The installation of the attic windows and related accessories is done by qualified / authorized personnel. We offer advice on choosing the type of VELUX attic windows that are indicated for your attic as well as for sizing and positioning so that the amount of natural light entering the attic is optimal.
Roof Windows Installations & Repairs Gabriel Coperture
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Mounting troughs and gutters

Gutters and troughs are some of the most important elements, having the role of directing pluvial water so that it flows into its own yard without affecting the walls of the house or other decorating elements of the house. It is possible that the gutters or gutters that collect the water on the roof have become obsolete and flowing in several places, their aesthetic appearance is not very pleasant, possibly the snow that slipped from the roof has broken or even simply are not the old ones in the blackboard and you want some colorful and look! If you built a new house and you are looking for a company to install your pluvial system we are waiting for your orders.

The company Gabriel Coperture mounts gutters and gutters on the entire territory of Brasov county and not only. We install the pluvial system without problems, and if you are looking for a company with qualified staff and experience in installing gutters and flue pipes, pluvial system installation then you get well on - the place where the services are complex, complete and quality says the word, the price being just an inscrutable label, forgotten on the shelf.
 Gabriel Coperture
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