Harmonya Garden Plus

County Buckinghamshire, England

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Latest products added by Harmonya Garden Plus

Authorized Partner Rain Bird, Toro and Garbin, Harmonya Garden Plus offers complete professional solutions for professional irrigation systems to all Romanian companies active in the field of agriculture, landscape architecture, green areas, sports fields and horticulture.

Founded since 2000 in the field of irrigation on the Romanian market, Harmonya Garden Plus focuses on product quality, promptness in relation with partners and customers. Harmonya Garden Plus has made hundreds of automated reference irrigation systems with new technology, bringing the automated irrigation market to European level.

HARMONYA GARDEN PLUS irrigation product distributor offers:

- Irrigation components from leading manufacturers such as Rain Bird, Toro, K-Rain, Palaplast, Astore, Pedrollo and more
- Pipes, fittings and other components for a complete irrigation system
- Dredging machinery and equipment
- Surface water collectors for rainwater
- A well-stocked warehouse
- A unique price list including all irrigation components
- Fast delivery - the order arrives within 24 hours with the fast delivery service
- Attractive conditions