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Iancu Farm is located on the first terrace of the Danube with an area of 25 hectares, of which 5 ha of peach per fruit, different varieties (Cardinal, Redhaven, Springold, Jerseyland, Suncrest, Southland), 2 ha of apricot, 1 acres of vineyards, table varieties (Victoria, Moldova), 6 hectares on which we cultivate tree species used in forestry (acacia, gladita, salvia, cenuser, mojdrean, poplar), 9 ha dendrological nursery, which we cultivate over 150 different species of ornamental shrubs and shrubs, climbing bridges, and the best varieties of fruit trees and shrubs. We also grow 2 ha of watermelon every year using the latest technology.

The tree species and ornamental shrubs present in our offer are made from own nursery and are perfectly acclimated to the pedoclimatic conditions . Every tree in our offer is carefully cared for, so that in the gardens and parks of our customers to get the best products.

In over 12 years of experience in the field, where we delivered over 100,000 trees and ornamental shrubs and over 10,000,000 forest seedlings, we are glad that we have been present in many green spaces throughout Romania.

Every year we add new species and varieties of trees and ornamental shrubs to our offer so that we can satisfy even the most demanding customers. All new species in our offer are pre-tested for climate resistance at least two years before being added.

For the future, we aim to get our products in the gardens of as many Romanians as possible, to be an alternative to products from countries with reputation in dendrological nurseries (Hungary, Italy, France, the Netherlands), but which, in most cases, do not resist the conditions in our country, being reared in a completely different climate.

Our services include:

Layout of green spaces, 2D, 3D design with the help of landscape architect team.

Lawn is the basis of any groomed garden or fully landscaped green space.

Irrigation systems
Effective watering methods are vital to keeping the plants healthy and appealing.

Our nursery performs planting trees and ornamental shrubs in any adaptable space.

We carry out green space maintenance with multiple service packages for all budgets.

Delivery to the country
We deliver ordered products by phone or website throughout Romania.

Traded products:

- Ornamental trees
- Ornamental shrubs
- Trees and shrubs conifers
- Decorative bands and roses
- Trees, shrubs and grapevine
- Saplings
Landscaping: gardens, green spaces
Iancu farm realizes and maintains green spaces with the following services:

- trimming and ventilation of lawns and hedges
- extracting weeds from the lawn and dryness
- shaping and sanitation of trees and shrubs
- directing plant growth
- programming and maintenance of the automated irrigation system
- application of fertilizers for lawns, conifers, foamy trees, flowers (fertilizer included)
- plant preparation for winter
- spraying against insects
- collecting and collecting remaining plant remains and leaves

Depending on the budget allocated for a green space you can choose one of the packages offered by Imancu Farm with prices between 4 lei - 6 lei / month
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Green space design
Iancu farm has architects with over 10 years of experience in designing and developing green spaces using the latest software applications (2D, 3D design). With 2D and 3D applications for green space design, architects will design landscaping projects tailored to the tastes of the client.

Our nursery develops 3D projects at prices starting from 0.5 euro square meter.
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