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Madex International Gardena

County Buckinghamshire, England

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Latest products added by Madex International Gardena

GARDENA is the favorite brand of millions of homeowners and gardens all over the world when it comes to garden care.

Gardena products

Water management:

- Hose connectors
- Spray gun for garden
- Sprinklers
- Garden hoses
- Hose carrier trolleys
- Garden pumps, drainage, hydrophores, submersible pumps
- Command and control of watering
- Piping system
- Cleaning-washing system
- Sprinklersystem irrigation system
- Micro-irrigation system

Lawn care:

- Clippers
- Turbotrimmer
- Electric scissors
- Scissors for grass
- Aerators-Scarifiers
- Clippers
- Spreading devices

Tree Care:

- Live hedge trimmer
- Shrub shears with battery
- Shelf mechanical shears
- Multifunction scissors
- Branch shears
- Scissors for branches and shrubs
- Hand tools
- Aries

Garden tools:

- Terraline digging tools
- Hand tools
- Aspirator-blower leaves
- Spray pumps
- Gloves
- Garden accessories
- Winter gear

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