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Mediagon reduces new and hard lime deposits in pipes and boilers and prolongs the life of sanitary facilities. Existing hard lime layers can dissolve easily. The static fields that work, unlike the magnetic ones, are so finely engineered that iron particles can not stick to the pipes. Therefore, mounting the device brings only advantages.

The Mediagon brand is known beyond our borders as a symbol of quality and progress in the physical treatment of water. Our company is one of the leading developers of high quality ecological products for private houses, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial applications.

Why Mediagon?
With Mediagon technology, the limestone in the water will change its base structure so that it will not form strong limestone deposits, but it will be transported by water. Save time and money, as rehabilitation of pipes and rusty and calcified equipment can be very costly. Mediagon protects plants, faucets, equipment, promotes well-being and protects the environment.

• Do not modify the water pipes
• No change in water quality
• Does not contain chemicals, protects the environment
• No energy required • No maintenance
• Increase the life of household appliances by 15-20%
• There are no strong scalars in the pipes
• No fatigue of the device
• It saves energy because limestone deposits produce an extra 15% energy consumption per millimeter of deposition in the boiler, washing machine, etc.

Ecological Product
The limestone protection device has no magnets and no magnetic fields. Magnets have a major disadvantage: They attract ferrous particles suspended in water and over time form a barrier inside the pipe, the barrier around which limestone deposits can easily and quickly accumulate.
(Note: water does not react magnetically)

The Mediagon anti-scale device does not remove calcium and magnesium from the water. Water needs these minerals. They are an important element for humans, animals and plants. The physical effect of the anticalcar changes the structure of the limestone. It is still visible, but will not be as strong as before installing the device. Cleaning will be easier without chemical additives.

• Minimum 10-year warranty depending on the device
• 30 days to return if you see no benefit
• 30 years old media
• 34 partners worldwide
• Made in Switzerland
• Free shipping and installation
• 30 years average device life