Mitek Industries Group

County Buckinghamshire, England

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wood structures, design, frames, industrial frames, mitek, planes, wooden houses, wooden houses, multiculettes, prefabricated beams, wooden houses construction

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MiTek is the world leader in the industrialized wood manufacturing industry:
- production of structural design and calculation programs for roof frames, wooden floors, wooden houses and special wooden structures;
- supply of machines, equipment and production lines for the manufacturers of the wooden structures in the industrial system (skeletons, wood chips, wooden houses, everything representing wooden structures);
- the production of CE certified professional assembly bodies, specific to the wood structures industry;
- consultancy and technical support services for designers using MiTek software as well as woodworking manufacturers (manufacturers).

Tags: wooden structures, design, frames, industrial roofs, mitek, planes, wooden houses, wooden houses, multicui boards, prefabricated beams, wood houses construction