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Green terrace, extensive green roof, intensive green roof

County County Durham, England

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Odu Green Roof - We offer design, planning and consultancy in the implementation of green roofs and terraces. We provide the best cost / effectiveness / safety in operation for setting up a green roof with sustainable building materials for intensive or extensive green terraces.

Odu Green Roof Roofs have many ecological advantages, environmental, financial and practical advantages and roofs with ultra-light or light vegetation, as well as intensive landscaping.

Parks, recreation areas, landscapes, vertical gardens on the interior or exterior walls, office buildings with intensive green terraces with recreational areas or a shopping center with parking and an intensive green roof-type roof on the roof of the building can also be built.

We maintain terraces, green, intensive and extensive roofs with modern and environmentally friendly, durable materials, using vegetation rolls with a composition tailored to the green roof, either extensive, intensive or landscape.

We are at your disposal with projects, system solutions, green roofs, specialized consultancy.