County Cleveland, England

Keywords associated with this company:
septic tank, solar panel, sandwich panel, double glazing, PVC and aluminum joinery
PRIMASERV offers services in the field of civil and industrial constructions, executes and assembles PVC and AL joinery, produces thermal insulating windows, makes industrial halls, interior and exterior design, electrical, thermal and sanitary installations, air conditioning installations, supplying thermal insulating panels.

PRIMASERV also makes gas station signaling, being one of the main companies active in the field of construction and maintenance of fuel distribution stations.

PRIMASERV has as a field of activity the distribution of:
- sewage treatment plants for 4, 8, 10-16, 29-53 equivalent inhabitants;
- septic tanks for 6, 8, 10, 16, 20 equivalent inhabitants;
- solar panels with thermosiphonation including tank;
- solar panels with vacuum tubes;
- roof heat insulating panels;
- wall thermo-insulating panels;
- thermal insulating panels with foil or aluminum sheet;
- curved panels;
- panels with polyurethane foam;
- panels with mineral wool;