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Soprema UK

International manufacturer, offering innovative and cost effective waterproofing, insulation and acoustic solutions and services

County Essex, England
City Witham
Address SOPREMA House, Freebournes Road , CM8 3UN

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Soprema - An international supplier of waterproofing and insulation solutions
Protection against the elements. Our modified bitumen APP or SBS reinforced membranes have a high resistance and long service life.

Synthetic TPO and PVC for innovative roofing structures, underground works, flat, inverted, cool and ballasted roofing applications.

A popular solution for roofing and sealing of roof details, terraces, balconies and parking garages. Aesthetic finishing options available.

High-quality thermal insulation, including natural wood fibre, XPS closed cell and PIR, for a variety of roofing and insulation applications.

Soundproofing insulation for acoustic comfort in new build and refurbishments, covering airborne, impact, equipment noise and sound absorption.

A bituminous hot melt system, designed for longevity and low life cycle costs. Applications include inverted roofs, ballasted and green roofs etc.

Supporting the requirements for all types of structures including tunnels, underground and basement structures, bridges and car parks.

In addition to our premium systems, we are happy to offer you customised solutions. Take a look at our extensive selection guides for some inspiration.

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• Structural Waterproofing
• Liquid Waterproofing
• Synthetic Waterproofing
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• Acoustic Insulation
• Pavatex
• Accesories
• Mineral Insulation

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• Cool Roofing
• Photovoltaic Fixing

• Bituminous Waterproofing
• Synthetic Waterproofing
• Geotextile
• Road Repair

• Primers
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Soprema UK provides the following services:

Structural Waterproofing

Waterproofing Civil Engineering Structures

Any kind of civil engineering project, regardless of size or complexity, may benefit from SOPREMA's synthetic waterproofing (FLAGON) and bituminous waterproofing (ANTIROCK) product lines. We provide TPO and PVC membranes that are able to meet your project's requirements for strong resistance to wearing, tearing, and puncture when it comes to synthetic waterproofing.


Looking for ways to waterproof a road bridge, a rail bridge, a parking deck, a dam, a tunnel, or any piece of civil engineering? Engineering membranes, primers and sealants, installation equipment, and other products are all available from SOPREMA to meet your needs.

The MACADEN, a fully automated machine with two hot air nozzles for putting thermofusible bituminous rolls on bridges and parking lots, and the MINI-MACADEN, a more compact, self-propelled, and self-guided device for laying bituminous membranes, are both included in the latter category.

Structural Waterproofing Soprema UK
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Green Roofing

Extensive Green Roofs and Intensive Green Roofs

Both intense green roofs and extensive green roofs, often known as sedum roofs, have several benefits. They reduce the urban heat island effect, boost biodiversity, enhance water retention and filtration, have great soundproofing and thermal insulation properties, and transform mineral surfaces into green oasis and new habitats.

soprema green roof systems

In addition to inverted green roof systems with conventional insulation or eco insulation, we offer basic green roof solutions that are simple to install on all SOPREMA roofing and waterproofing systems. The green roof solutions from SOPREMA are particularly lightweight, low maintenance and simple to design and install. Are our systems or products of interest to you?

Green Roofing Soprema UK
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