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Construction Magazine

Construction AREA Magazine is a trade publication in the construction industry and is distributed freely at all major construction trade fairs and exhibitions. The publication provides an update of product launches, articles, construction news and technical info for building contractors.

Featuring a source of information for the construction & building industry, Construction AREA Magazine is an essential publication for both legal entities and individuals looking to increase their knowledge and competency. Through its content, the construction magazine provides quality information about construction news, contractors & suppliers, services and/or products of companies as well as advertising modules.

Focused on the construction industry, self build, design and product releases, the magazine audience consists of builders, contractors and suppliers. The magazine is distributed to companies, individuals and professionals in the construction sector.

Construction Area Magazine 2019 directory offers both companies and suppliers a suitable environment for developing business relationships. Contractors, suppliers or individuals are present in the online directory as well as in the Construction Area magazine.

Each issue of the construction magazine includes construction news and analysis, product launches, reports & contract leads.

Construction AREA offers exclusive prices on both advertising (magazine and online directory) for every company & contractor.