Architecture Hafele present in Youth Hostel Bayreuth pilot project of a new generation of hostels

Date: 2018-07-18

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Architecture Hafele present in Youth Hostel Bayreuth pilot project of a new generation of hostels

Hafele, the leading company in hardware and electronic access control, with the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH) launches the project Youth Hostel Bayreuth and lead to another notion hostel level. Inspired by the concept & bdquo, Youth Lab & rdquo ;, brand Hafele, DJH expanded mission innovative and turned the first building of the Association of Bavarian State, which since 1970 was meant to be a symbol for a new generation of hostels. Once again, Hafele was a competent partner in the consulting and planning, a central function from the construction benefited.

Concept & Youth Lab Hafele in the fair BAU 2013, was a special hostel room of the future winning numerous awards. At that time, the challenge for Hafele (in collaboration with students and Prof. Ruth Berktold, YES Architecture, Munich) was to design a multipurpose room and comfortable with six beds, that can turn a room for families with just a few moves.

Future spacecraft landed

Hafele portofolio is for anyone seeking new solutions in architecture, from furniture design concepts that can be transformed in different ways, to developed innovative products for sustainable construction.

Architecture Hafele is like 007. A visit to our showroom in Nagold reveals the infinite possibilities of functionality that Hafele offers, but is also an inspiration for those in the construction sector. Inevitably, you get to walk away with new ideas and crazy & rdquo ;, says Ralf Weixler, Manager of the Department of Construction and Real Estate of the State Association DJH Bavaria. In fact, Youth Hostel Bayreuth with its unique star shape with three corners, looks like a spaceship landed between universities and Kreuzsteinbad water park. The three wings of different sizes facade of the building are connected to form an organic and homogeneous appearance. Inside, concrete walls blends creative with the roof structure of wood and finishes pine annexes are in contrast with bright and cheerful colors of furniture. Sections shaped rostrum connects both floors of the building, both inside and outside and terraces create a connection with sports facilities and leisure area nearby. 

Dialock: In the future, there is no room for a keypad

Large foyer, which is open over two floors, is located where they meet the three wings of the building. This central entrance with stairs and elevator is communicative heart of the building, and the place where the reception - cameras administration in the rear and a spacious dining room, flooded with natural light constantly. Form futuristic reception signal that that is & bdquo; command center & rdquo ;, where guests make their check-in and instead of keys Traditionally, these cards are modern identification and controlled access Hafele Dialock. With a passive transponder technology, they communicate with the terminal Dialock DT 700 and for opening and closing the guestrooms.

Dialock provides numerous benefits in the operation of accommodation for young people. With so many guests, loss of keys is relatively common, but with Dialock no longer a problem: it is not necessary to change the lock, and when the key card is lost, it is deactivated and replaced at a low cost. In addition, the system can be adapted to new requirements ever present, making it more reliable to manage bed, but safer for operating activities in a hotel or hostel. They can configure various additional requirements - from control parking barrier or elevator to operate the coffee machine and the integration of cashless payment, says Ralf Weixler with confidence.

The walls used to bunk beds in front can be removed in favor of a & ldquo; wall & rdquo ;, purpose room with niches Formica desk in a green and open spaces wardrobe. Gurneys wheel can be pushed to create double family and known cabinets are replaced with robust drawers, which can easily accommodate large suitcases. Thus, even a room with six beds can be cleaned in no time.

Moreover, Accuride slides and locks Symo part of the range & nbsp; Hafele, who, along with other products, enable versatility and economy of space in rooms.

Multifunctional wall Slido Three are five

What differentiates hostels in Germany from other hotels and hostels educational mission for over 100 years as a partner of national and international schools. Therefore hostel in Bayreuth also includes a vast area dedicated seminars. Upstairs, there are two smaller seminar rooms and a hall More generally, besides a multipurpose room. The large room can be divided into two or three separate training areas, accessible from the corridor using the systems Slido Wall dividers Hafele. This creates not only a visual separation, and one acoustic. Facilities deadening of the panels touch the floor and ceiling provides sound reduction values ​​up to 57 dB. When the camera is used as one area elements can be easily moved in a few steps and raised in a package along the wall to save space.

So guests, and staff appreciate the flexibility implemented throughout the building due to creative architecture and innovative products. & Bdquo Youth Lab was an outstanding project that created and built confidence in Hafele. We are therefore very happy that the project Bayreuth we cooperated with Hafele and we could implement a wide range of future-oriented products & rdquo ;, says Ralf Weixler.

Hafele is an international company, led by members of the third generation of the Hafele and Thierer, based in Nagold, Germany. It was founded in 1923 and currently serves industry furniture fittings, architectural hardware and electronic access control systems. Its customers include the furniture industry, furniture manufacturers, hardware vendors, architects and designers from more than 150 countries worldwide. Hafele develops and manufactures hardware accessories and electronic access control systems in six plants in Germany and Hungary. In fiscal year 2015, the Group Hafele achieved revenues of 1.3 billion euros, with more than 7,100 employees in 37 subsidiaries and numerous offices worldwide.

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