Bioethanol fireplaces, an excellent choice for your home

Date: 2018-09-24

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Bioethanol fireplaces, an excellent choice for your home

Modern bioethanol fireplaces offers a greener way of heating your home. Although fireplaces burning wood for domestic heating remain popular for creating a cozy ambience, there is a new alternative with many benefits. First, seminee bioethanol fireplace is environmentally friendly.

Bioethanol is a collective term used for a wide range of natural fuels from plant matter. While non-renewable fossil fuels such as wood and coal, emit greenhouse gas, bioethanol generate energy through sunlight and do not release harmful gases into the atmosphere when burned. Bioethanol burns clean, no smoke, ash or odor.

This seminee fireplace does not require a chimney or ventilation, and some units are mobile, so you can get the fireplace with you when you move.

Can a bioethanol fireplace to heat a large room?

decorative fireplaces only provide a decorative role. For these fireplaces frame and rama.Un just talking about such a model can not be considered a main source of heating. He produces heat, but the heat capacity resulting from the combustion of bioethanol is lower than that of fossil fuels, so the room will heat a little harder. Currently, they are used less for their role heating, they are the primary source for obtaining thermal comfort.

Bioethanol fireplaces are more expensive than traditional ones?

It's hard to say whether bioethanol fireplaces are generally more expensive, because their prices vary and the same is true for a gas fireplace or wood termosemineu . What is the same in all is that you get what you pay for.

Being easy to install and requires no specialized equipment or people, to reduce additional costs and long-term ethanol does not imply a notable financial investment.

bioethanol fireplaces are vent totally free, which means you do not need a chimney or additional fans. Has no problems with gas or electricity connections.

It is simple to install, clean burn, smokeless and odorless. It provides instant heat and flames pure organic.

Bioethanol burners can be used to create feature fireplace that you have always wanted. Bioethanol fireplaces are ideal for apartments, dormitories for people who rent.

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