Customized objects design tailored to your requirements

Posted by: H Metal Date: 2018-09-25

Customized objects design tailored to your requirements

Give life to your ideas is the slogan that guide team Creative Metal

The options differ in design because each of us seeks to give a personal touch to home or space in which they operate, and this can be easily done using objects custom made design.

In our portfolio you can find projects ranging from furniture, partitions, signs, lighting, interactive installations to fences and gates.

Through our product line Custom Made We can offer execution of design objects made under the concept proposed by our client.  

We leave inspired by customer needs and ideas and creative optimization process involves finding the best solutions for them. We work both with architects and interior designers, as well as with individuals who want to give life to their ideas.

Execute projects involving these processing:

- cutting guillotine and the plasma jet
- Cold punching holes with different models
- stamping abkant
- Welding & nbsp;
- painting in electrostatic field.  

Bringing together art production technology and a team of specialists dedicated to your needs. To create design objects emphasize premium quality materials and finishes well executed.

About Metal Creative

Metal Creative design objects creates custom made for any of the following areas: residential, office and hospitality. We like to design great products out of the box, weaving functionality with decorative element.

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