Hafele Romania redefines interior spaces with new panels AluSplash®

Date: 2018-09-18

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Hafele Romania redefines interior spaces with new panels AluSplash®

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" We want to provide our customers more comfort and a modern look to any residential or commercial space and AluSplash & reg; successfully meets the needs and trends of today. It joins our varied range of products, being an environmentally friendly solution with wide applicability, the meet strict safety requirements. Also AluSplash is a perfect alternative to panels splash classics, especially cost effective and sustainable, says Rodica Popescu, Managing Director of Hafele Romania.

With a high resistance to fire, is composed of a mineral inside fireproof safe that enables mounting behind any stove or cooker, unlike acrylic splash panels. In addition, the outer layer is covered with glossy paint, UV resistance, offering a similar reflective glass and a perfectly smooth surface. Each panel is bi-color, so customers have the freedom to choose from over 20 colors available in 14 panels.

panel mounting and processing AluSplash & reg; It can be achieved easily by using normal woodworking tools, without requiring the intervention of professionals. Thus, installation is 3 times faster than splash glass panels. Due to the thickness of only 4mm, AluSplash It can be folded and bent around corners, providing a smooth, seamless finish. Thus, it is perfect for installation on a wall already covered with tiles, and the full range of edge and corner profiles ensure a clean and modern. Last but not least, maintenance is reduced, dirt and grime can be removed easily with a microfiber cloth.


Hafele is an international company, led by members of the third generation of the Hafele and Thierer, based in Nagold, Germany. It was founded in 1923 and currently serves industry furniture fittings, architectural hardware and electronic access control systems. Its customers include the furniture industry, furniture manufacturers, hardware vendors, architects and designers from more than 150 countries worldwide. Hafele develops and manufactures hardware accessories and electronic access control systems in six plants in Germany and Hungary. In fiscal year 2015, the Group Hafele achieved revenues of 1.3 billion euros, with more than 7,100 employees in 37 subsidiaries and numerous offices worldwide.

Hafele Romania is one of 37 subsidiaries of Hafele GmbH & amp; Co. KG Germany. Established in October 2009, based in Timisoara and a branch in Bucharest, meets furniture manufacturers, resellers and fittings for furniture, designers and architects through innovative products and solutions.

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