ODU Green Roof complements your oasis of relaxation furniture for intensive green roofs

Date: 2018-05-08

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ODU Green Roof complements your oasis of relaxation furniture for intensive green roofs

The first step to achieve a intensive green roof type is to create appropriate conditions for the development of medium-sized and large plants.

The project is finalized only when it incorporates decorative elements and furniture needed to use a hanging gardens.

The greening and furnishing terraces and roofs, residents can benefit from a new series of activities in a fairytale, usually with panoramic views.

And because every detail counts, it is important to acquire furniture intensive green roofs from a reliable supplier.

Dwelling aesthetic, perfectly functional - Pieces of furniture required

rooftops big cities are an invaluable resource when it comes to greening the urban jungle, reduction of pollution, reduce maintenance costs of buildings, especially improving health and the spirit of the inhabitants.

However, the greatest challenge in designing a green refuge envy the harmonization of technical elements and constructive desired vegetation.

ODU green Roof offers its clients a wide range of furniture pieces intensive green roofs, including:

- Banks - They are made of materials such as wood, steel or iron and may have dimensions / weights different;
- Chairs - For rest and relaxation, wooden chairs are a decorative and functional element that should not miss a green landscaping;
- Tables - available in various sizes, the setting tables are ideal for the completion of an intensive green roof type;
- Flower - Where space allows, some vegetation can be emphasized using pots elegant oak;
- Lighting - For tonight may be a good opportunity to relax on the terrace or roof, installation of a suitable fixture is required.

Roofs green areas in urban style

Traffic crowded, intense noise, emissions, dust and all the disadvantages of life in cities urges us to take refuge at the end of the day in a quiet space, preferably as green. Acopersiurile and green terraces make it possible to escape, so it is important to customize the taste and inspiration.

The furniture plays an important role in this regard, which is why it must meet both criteria of functionality, as well as decorative. The choice of furniture suitable shape and size, the atmosphere becomes conducive to rest and relaxation, but also enterprise activities such as reading, exercise, socializing etc.

From idea to project - through each stage with experts ODU Green Roof

Of all types of roofs with greenery, the intensive is the choice that allows the recipient to give life even the most daring ideas landscape. Besides vegetation, flowers, shrubs and even small trees, the specialists from ODU Green Roof manage to successfully integrate special furniture.

So what initially was to become a source of oxygen for cities choked by pollution, turns easily into a discrete space, ideal for contemplation and relaxation.

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