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ODU Green Roof harmony with nature through urban vertical gardens and green walls

Posted by: ODU Green Roof Date: 2018-04-23

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ODU Green Roof harmony with nature through urban vertical gardens and green walls

One of the major concerns of modern man is reconnecting with nature and its integration in cities choked by concrete, pollution and noise.

Vertical gardens represent a practical, aesthetic and extremely energy-efficient. Green walls are popular among those who promote and adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles, so they begin to be experienced more often in large urban areas of the world.

Coating green exterior walls - a concept prevalent in the world

Plant walls, genuine works of art landscape are found in various forms, textures, colors and sizes across the globe. Vertical garden concept was invented by Stanley White Hart, Professor of Architecture Landscaping at the University of Illinois in 1938. However, the system was improved and promoted until the late 1980s by biologist and architect Patrick Blanc.

In recent years, cross-walls have spread considerably in urban space, as we show these statistics: 80% of the walls green were made after 2007, and 93% of works were made after year 2009. the trend continues to evolve, and this vision began to be increasingly known and appreciated even in Romania.

Enjoy the greenery vertically with ODU Green Roof

The company specializes in green systems built both horizontally and vertically on the ground or at height. Experts ODU Green Roof offers complete solutions from design and execution to maintenance and repair.
Green walls can be made inside or outside, using a variety of plant species, combined to give birth to works of art alive. Work done, regardless of complexity, not threaten the integrity of the building, but it improves energy efficiency.

The benefits of vertical gardens

Vegetable layers lining the sides of buildings or their inner walls have double effect aesthetic and psychological. Variety of colors, textures and models have the ability to impress not only visually, but psychologically anyone.

In terms of concrete benefits of green systems, we mention:

- Air purification and reducing the amount of CO2
- Reducing the temperature by up to 5 & deg; inside buildings in summer season;
- Role of termoziolare winter and reduce maintenance costs;
- low water consumption current in the closed circuit irrigation systems;
- Reducing noise pollution by up to 10 dB;
- strong visual impact and diversity in the choice of the plant;
- Execution time low;
- 1 m & sup2; Vegetation provides the oxygen necessary for a person for a year.

Green walls - New for urban construction

The introduction of vertical gardens in urban spaces is a cutting edge method to improve long-term quality of life. Also the impressive green walls are an effective tool to promote places like hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, public and private institutions and various other buildings.

ODU Green Roof is available for those interested in comprehensive services with a rich portfolio and tailored consulting.

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Implementing projects for green roofs by extensive or intensive vegetation (depending on building structure) is a solution-generating benefits.

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