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ODU Green Roof propose sustainable solutions: How would the urban world "crammed" with gardens and green walls?

Posted by: ODU Green Roof Date: 2018-04-13

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ODU Green Roof propose sustainable solutions: How would the urban world

Implementing projects for green roofs by extensive or intensive vegetation (depending on building structure) is a solution-generating benefits.

They have important effects for improving urban air and reducing power consumption required to control interior temperatures.

Another unique solution is the creation of green walls or vertical gardens that plants contain a variety of extending the vertical part of the building, helping to restore the natural balance.

Vertical panels crops up true works landscape and the variety of colorful species very pleasant drive.

The walls covered with vegetation are made by different systems of the structure and architecture, materials of the building built and budget, these projects can be implemented inside or outside.

The benefits workspaces so are oxygen generating fresh and clean, low noise and durability of construction.

Green walls inside buildings

Inside vertical greening projects are especially required to ensure a space for special decorative different reception areas, conference rooms, office space.

Green exterior walls

Place on the outside of buildings, plants that make vertical gardens provide the same benefits as all plants reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and air filter characteristic elements of urban pollutants.

ODU Green Roof - Advantages adoption and implementation projects green walls

From the Industrial Revolution until now, air quality was strongly influenced by modern progress, activities and harmful effects of excessive use of energy, fuel and other substances harmful to the environment.

The aim of urban greening projects is to reverse and mitigate damage caused by building solid and gaseous pollutants.

In addition to the direct benefits communities, green walls bring textures and colors that enhance the appearance of major buildings. 

Value brought buildings

Fluctuations in temperature have an effect invisible, that people are not necessarily informed contracting and expanding construction materials cause cracks and damage to buildings.

These green walls surfaces protect buildings against ultraviolet rays, temperature fluctuations, water absorption resulting from heavy rains. 

Reducing energy costs

The urban environment requires the use of large amounts of energy to maintain optimal temperatures within the building, directly contributing to the creation of heat island effect.

Increase outdoor temperature especially during the summer impacting the natural environment, so the demand for energy resources, as well as through emissions and air pollution.

Green roofs systems and green walls decorated protects surfaces direct UV light and store solar energy, helping to cool the building in summer and their insulation in winter.

Reducing noise

Green Projects are recognized for blocking natural high frequency sound, features urban areas.

What is the value of investments made?

The cost of such a project is determined with specialists of ODU Green Roof, after the evaluation of data submitted by customers as well as the design and floor plan, pictures relevant and concrete descriptions of the project green as we are reading them.

Bids include site selection to create green walls, plants selected and the type of support system for you chose.

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One of the major concerns of modern man is reconnecting with nature and its integration in cities choked by concrete, pollution and noise.

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