Vertical garden planting ideas

Posted by: Madex International Gardena Date: 2018-08-07

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Vertical garden planting ideas

You have available only a small area for gardening? You can still achieve excellent results with planting system GARDENA NatureUp.

Now, your garden can grow vertically using modular system for balcony, terrace or courtyard. The system is perfectly adapted to the individual settings and preferences for planting.

Whether it is a sunny terrace or balcony facing south shady north-facing, you can find plants suitable for any area.

In this article you will learn what plants, grasses and ferns are suitable for you and how you can achieve your dream oasis vertically.

Jequirity (crab eye), bitten or mandevilla (Brazilian jasmine) - decorative flowers for sunny areas.

These flowers do best in hot or sunny places. For planting, you should use a soil rich in nutrients so flowers to take the energy they need for magnificent growth. The main nutrients in the soil feeds the plants in the growth phase of 3-5 weeks. So you can enjoy the flowers for a long time to make sure your efforts are rewarded, we recommend you add a fertilizer for flowers in water that water them once a week.

1) Mandevilla
2) Marigold
3) sage
4) Jequirity (crab eye)
5) Ganzania (sunflower treasure)
6) Fairy flower fan (Scaevola aemula)
7) Muscate
8) Verbena
9) sanvitalia

Herbs for semi-shaded areas

Fresh herbs give simply taste better and bring that thing in any dish. Herbs such as basil, coriander and lemon grass are suitable for semi-shady areas. For your plants to develop, should regularly provide important nutrients. Make sure you use an organic fertilizer - in this way, when you eat, you will not be worrying about pollutants and you can enjoy simply by plants grown at home.

1) Italian Parsley
2) Asthma
3) Borage
4) Basil
5) Marigold gold
6) Coriander
7) Lemongras
8) Parsley curly
9) Yellow

A shady corner canopied balcony

The flowers that love the sun does not behave well in the shade so that, in turn, may ferns and herbs.

1) Ivy
2) Black scallop
3) fern
4) Crin fall
5) Rogoz evergreen
6) Heuchera
7) Maidenhair fern
8) Purple nutsedge
9) Bergenia

GARDENA is the preferred brand of millions of homeowners and gardens around the world, when it comes to caring for the garden.

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