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Recirculation pump

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Recirculation pump
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Recirculation pump. PUMP FOR RECOVERY
Electric pumps, on the technological flow, designed to have the noise characteristics at a very low level. Designed for hot and cold water distribution systems, heating systems, public hot water reserves. The recirculation pumps series set new standards in the field of clean water transport in the civil and industrial fields.

The equipment is made up of a synchronous synchronous motor with a variable energy efficient permanent magnet, which drives a circulating pump. The benefits of this equipment include: energy efficiency class A and implicit cost reduction, low consumption, symmetric efficiency over a wide range of applications, low noise, easy adjustment at the work point, reduced size, self-cleaning.

Synchronous motor parameters with variable speed: single phase, 230 V voltage (-10%, + 6%), frequency 50Hz, IP 44 protection, H insulation class, overload protection - automatic protection with rotor release - overheat protection (cable, phases and null) according to EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-51.

Technical data recirculation pumps: the temperature of the fluid flowing between +2 and +95 degrees Celsius, the ambient temperature 0 to +40 degrees Celsius, the maximum working pressure 6 bar, the noise level of 43 dB (A), the maximum quantity of glycerol admitted in the 40% system.

This range of pumps includes models with flow rates of up to 700 m3 / hour.

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