36kW Electric Mobile Boiler

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36kW Electric Mobile Boiler
Sold by: Rapid Energy Ltd - Temporary Boiler Hire, electric and packaged boilers in-house for portable heat and hot water solutions.
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36kW Electric Mobile Boiler. Our three phase, plug and play 22kW electric trolley mounted boiler is very common in the construction industry. Since this boiler is electrical, there is no need to link to gas or oil sources – good for instant heat in flats and small properties.

Predominantly used for connecting to underfloor heating, this flexible boiler can be rolled around and placed in different positions on site. Being electronic, it does not remove exhaust gases, so there is no need for flue, which ensures that they can be placed anywhere inside a house.

It is not only used for heating rooms within a building and enables construction work to continue. This mobile electrical boilers are also used to speed up the screed drying process. They will actually be the difference between disaster and project success.

Robust and easy to use, Rapid Energy Ltd company can ship several 36kW trolley mounted boilers within hours of receiving your order.

- Plug and Play
- Single Phase Supply
- Energy Efficiency Rating
- ErP D-rating
- Dual Temperature Outputs
- 10 Litre Expansion Vessel
- Pressure Gauge
- Safety Valve
- Low Water Pressure Switch
- Pump and Automatic Air Vent
Dimensions(LxWxH): 332x442x763
DestinationConstruction Sector
Brand nameRapid Energy
Power9,6 /14,4kW

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