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Universal acrylic paint EMEX SPECTRUM

The product Universal acrylic paint EMEX SPECTRUM is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Water based paints product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Universal acrylic paint EMEX SPECTRUM you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Universal acrylic paint EMEX SPECTRUM
Sold by: Romtehnochim -
Price: 444,96
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Universal acrylic paint EMEX SPECTRUM. Universal Acrylic Paint EMEX SPECTRUM is a professional product based on water-soluble special copolymers with the addition of additives and high performance fillers with a wide range of applications (eg masonry, wood, metal, plastic, etc.) with film elastic, very good adhesion and strong resistance to environmental factors. These features allow the use of paint for most indoor and outdoor applications and interiors, with great results. It can be tinted by the manufacturer in any catalog color requested by the customer.

Main Features:

- High coverage power;
- Inhibit the appearance of rust
- Colorful in any shade;
- Easy application and maintenance;
- Low drying time;
- Resistance to fungi and molds;
- High adhesion to most media;
- Vapor permeability and water impermeability;
- Ecological character.

Fields of Use:

     EMEX SPECTRUM Universal Acrylic Paint is intended for professional use in order to protect against environmental factors and high quality decoration of interior or exterior surfaces, exhibiting a very high adhesion, exceptional display and very high resistance on most types of surfaces.
     This type of water-thinnable paint is recommended for protecting and finishing interior or exterior surfaces from:
- mineral material: concrete, masonry, stone, bricks, lime-cement, lime-plaster plasters, lime plasters or gypsum plasters, new or old plasters based on binders, gypsum plasterboards, absorbent mineral aggregates of any type, old organic or mineral, dry, compact and absorbent;
- metal: pipes, sheets, poles, containers, etc .;
- plastic: doors, sills, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, etc .;
- other materials: plywood, panel, canvas, cardboard, expanded polystyrene, any wood surfaces, etc.
     Areas attacked by mold or fungi, or just prone, will be cleaned with Sanitizant Forte EMEX before applying the acrylic primer.
     The surfaces that have been painted will be cleaned with the EMEX CM CLEANER stripper, or the EMEX PC ECO ecological decanter.
     If there is an old rust layer, use the EMEX RUST STOP Rust Removal Solution.

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