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The product stirrer is sold by Classcom Services company and is part of the Trench rammers product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product stirrer you can contact the company Classcom Services via an offer request below.
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stirrer. Single shaft mixers (Elba) and double-shaft mixer Sicoma are used.

   1. The mixers are equipped with an engine temperature indicator, a temperature indicator for the oil in the reducer, thus ensuring the necessary precautions for inadequate maintenance and misuse.
   2. The inspection hatch has two parts that open completely during maintenance operations, making it easy to carry out the necessary operations. Also the inspection hatch is made at a height of 500mm to get inside.
   3. All wear and armor plates (equivalent to Hardox HB 500) are cast from Ni-hard.
   4. To prevent dust from entering the environment during the refilling of the automatic lubrication compartment, the filling mouth is provided with a screw and allows for refilling with lubricant.
   5. The inspection hatch is provided with a limit switch. Water entering through the upper hatch is emptied through a multipoint system with two separate pipes.
   6. The main frame is made using the CNC together with the bearings holes and the motor connection after the manufacturing process with a robotic arm, so as to prevent wear and bearing problems.
   7. The gearboxes are especially made by the mixer makers.

All electrical and pneumatic connections on the mixer housing are the original mixers.

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