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Ameco pellets 15 Kg bag

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Ameco pellets 15 Kg bag
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Ameco pellets 15 Kg bag. Pellets Ameco Sac 15 Kg

The production of pellets offers the possibility to use the products from the agricultural and forestry waste.
Spruce and pine wood shavings (spruce, pine etc.) are curled, crushed, packed, formed and pressed with special machines.
Form stability is achieved by using lignin present in wood or by adding a natural binder.

The production process is carried out without the use of a chemical. Through proper packaging, pellets have a high calorific value and are an ideal alternative for oil and gas.

- A product without the addition of chemicals or bark for exclusive use of sawdust and chips from fresh timber.
- Wood pellets HP5 with a diameter of 6 mm

1. Clean, respect the environment and show neutral CO2 emissions
2. Put an end to the gas and oil crisis
3. Heat output & gt; 18 Mj / Kg
4. Humidity: & lt; 10%
5. Low ash content: & lt; 0.7%

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