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Anticorrosive primer water soluble AQ ECO EMEX

The product Anticorrosive primer water soluble AQ ECO EMEX is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Primer Paints product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Anticorrosive primer water soluble AQ ECO EMEX you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Anticorrosive primer water soluble AQ ECO EMEX
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Anticorrosive primer water soluble AQ ECO EMEX. Waterproofing primer EMEX AQ ECO is an industrial product based on water soluble acrylic resins, fillers, pigments, last generation anticorrosive agents, lead-free or chromium salts and special additives with special rust resistance fast or long-lasting, which can be used on almost all metal types, with excellent properties, used as a primary layer to protect overhead metallic elements, operated in medium aggressive environments, both indoors and outdoors. Standard colors: red, gray.

Main Features:

- High adhesion to the support;
- High coverage power;
- Easy application and maintenance;
- Low drying time;
- Good hardness;
- Inhibit the appearance of rust;
- Good resistance to environmental factors;
- Good resistance to aging;
- Ecological character.

Fields of Use:

     EMEX AQ ECO Anti-corrosion Primer is intended for industrial use to protect indoor or outdoor metallic surfaces in areas of medium exposure to corrosive agents or aggressive agents.
     Immersion primer is used to cover and protect new metal surfaces as well as those that have been painted with other compatible film products.
     It is recommended to apply an EMEX CM CLEANER stripper, or EMEX PC ECO ecological decanter, followed by mechanical cleaning.
     If there is an old rust layer, use the EMEX RUST STOP Rust Removal Solution.
     The product is recommended for steel and metal surfaces: pipes, pipes, containers, radiators, sheet metal, scaffolds and metal rails, grilles, parapets, metal furniture, metallic fixing brackets, fences, railings, gates, beams, stands and metal awnings, etc.
     Apply by brush, spray, roll, dip or air-less.
     This type of primer can be used with any of the paint based on alchidic fatty resins such as: Email Alchidic Premium EMEX GOLD, EMEX Extracolor Email or EMCOLOR Satin Paints, any type of water-soluble paint and other types on the basis of compatibility tests, or at the manufacturer's recommendation.

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