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Drip tape Aqua Trax 6 mil (3048ml / roll)

The product Drip tape Aqua Trax 6 mil (3048ml / roll) is sold by Irri Garden company and is part of the Kontrol Drip Strips product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Drip tape Aqua Trax 6 mil (3048ml / roll) you can contact the company Irri Garden via an offer request below.
Drip tape Aqua Trax 6 mil (3048ml / roll)
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Drip tape Aqua Trax 6 mil (3048ml / roll). The new Aqua TraXX PBX is a drip band that is specially designed for agricultural crops. The advantage of this strip is that it sinks much harder due to the inner labyrinth system and has a very efficient self-cleaning system if it stretches with the blue stripes up.


The drip tap has a continuous drip and ensures:

- Good uniformity and higher yield
- tape drips are designed to prevent root intrusion by providing a perfect and jet free flow
- Increased efficiency by providing accurate water quantities in the root area
- saving water and energy, reducing water and energy consumption which attracts lower costs
- reducing herbicides to control weeds
- Easy access to the field due to dry furrows


- total drip band diameter: 17 mm
- Wall thickness strip drip: 0.150 - 0.200 - 0.250 - 0.375 mm;
- drip band step: 10 in 10 cm
- drip tap flow from: 1.1 liters - 1.4 liters / dripper / h at a pressure of 0.55 Bar
- dripper producer: Aqua Traxx - Italy;


- 6 mil - Roll 3048 m, maximum working pressure 0.7 Bar

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