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Kit Car barrier 4m

The product Kit Car barrier 4m is sold by HSL Solutions company and is part of the Car barriers product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Kit Car barrier 4m you can contact the company HSL Solutions via an offer request below.
Kit Car barrier 4m
Sold by: HSL Solutions -
Price: 959
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Kit Car barrier 4m. BARIERE AUTO Kit Components:

Kit car barrier, length 4m

- Automatic barrier support;
- Aluminum bar;
- 1 mobile or fixed holder;
- reflective tapes;
- radio receiver;
- 1 remote control.

Automobile barriers or as they are called, Automatic Barriers are usually installed to limit access to commercial or residential areas, car parks, and private roads.

Car barriers can be acted upon by the same remote control as the gate automation.

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