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H20 beam type DOKA

The product H20 beam type DOKA is sold by Angel Company company and is part of the Laminated / Glulam Beams‎ product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product H20 beam type DOKA you can contact the company Angel Company via an offer request below.
H20 beam type DOKA
Sold by: Angel Company -
Price: 6,55
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H20 beam type DOKA. Grinda H20 tip DOKA

Product description:

Made of softwood, quality, top grade, carefully selected, according to DIN 4074; planed and bevelled edges of approximately 4 mm.

Firs: 3-layer solid wood panel. Laminated with most vertical growth rings

Assembly: 3-layer solid wood panel, BFU 100 (AW 100) according to ONORM B 3023 standards with finger joint joints between beams and reinforcements;

Weight: 5 kg / linear meter;
Surface protection: impregnation with waterproofing paint;

Quality Standard:
Certificates EN 13377, CEN, European Committee for Standardization.

- Standard packaging: 50 pieces
- Packaging container: 100 pieces
- Packages are shipped in a suitable format for construction sites and are protected with a wooden support.

Secured anti-rupture with rounded ends made of special plastic for complete protection and to protect the end of the beam from damage;

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