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Fields of activity Delta Maxx

The product Fields of activity Delta Maxx is sold by Betcif company and is part of the Anti-condensation roof foil product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Fields of activity Delta Maxx you can contact the company Betcif via an offer request below.
Fields of activity Delta Maxx
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Fields of activity Delta Maxx. The Delta Maxx drainage mat is made of high-breaking polyesters with diffusion-resistant polyurethane coating.

High tear resistance provides maximum safety in the case of accidental leaching outside rafters on roofless roofs. Its outstanding strength, both in length and in width, ensures easy installation and precise alignment to the edges.

Delta Maxx is also available in the Plus version, with self-adhesive tape for perfect sealing of joints. It is also available in the Delta Maxx Titan version.

Technical details:
- Combustion behavior: Flammability class B1, cf DIN 4102
- Breaking resistance: 350 N / 5 cm (35 kp / 5 cm) according to DIN EN 12311
- Impermeability: Impermeable (DIN EN 13111)
- Sd value: approx. 0.15 m
- Thermal resistance: between -40 ° C and + 80 ° C
- Weight: approx. 190g / m & # 178;
- Roll weight: Approx. 14kg
- Roll length: 50m
- Roll width: 1.50m

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