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Rolled pickled sheet black

The product Rolled pickled sheet black is sold by Integrator Sistem company and is part of the Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Rolled pickled sheet black you can contact the company Integrator Sistem via an offer request below.
Rolled pickled sheet black
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Rolled pickled sheet black. DECLARED, BLACK TABLE LAMINATE LA RECE (LBR)

Use of pickled board:

Sheet metal is used in many fields of activity such as metallic, metallic and mechanical constructions, automotive industry, agricultural machinery, piping, panels, parts and subassemblies, household articles, halls, advertising industry, etc.

Technical Data Sheet Board (ArcelorMittal Production and Ukraine):

- Sheet thickness: from 0.35 mm to 3 mm
- Width 1000; 1250 mm
- Steel grade according to EN 10130: DC01 and 08KP / PS respectively.
- Dimensional and shape tolerances according to SR EN 10131 and, respectively

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