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Condensing heating boiler wall

The product Condensing heating boiler wall is sold by Insaterm Total company and is part of the Condensing central heating product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Condensing heating boiler wall you can contact the company Insaterm Total via an offer request below.
Condensing heating boiler wall
Sold by: Insaterm Total -
Price: 2041.14
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Condensing heating boiler wall. Mortar thermal condensing boiler with integrated 35 kW accumulation

The Premium range contains condensing boilers. This technology provides high-level thermal yields. The savings obtained compared to traditional plants without climate control reach up to 35%. The Premium range also provides optimum combustion thanks to the total premix burner. It reduces polluting emissions, generating acid rain and greenhouse effect. With the Premium range, comfort is rife with environmental responsibility. Ariston offers the possibility of a condensing package, which can be combined with solar panels so that the beneficiary enjoys increased comfort and maximum economy.

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