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Bol bronze Yin-Yang - Exotique

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Bol bronze Yin-Yang - Exotique
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Price: 130.00
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Bol bronze Yin-Yang - Exotique. He was bronze, Yin-Yang - Exotique

Everything we encounter around us in the entire Universe can be classified into Yin and Yang. The circle divided into two halves, one white with a black dot and a black dot with a white dot, was designated by the Taoist scholars as a representation of the Universe. The meaning of this symbol is the following: the black side represents Yin, and the white side represents Yang. The points on the two representations clearly show that nothing is just Yin or Yang; Yin is also Yang, and in each Yang is Yin. Yin without Yang does not exist and Yang without Yin can not exist.

Yin and Yang represent two opposites that can not exist without one another; like day and night, face - back, male - woman.

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