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Polyurethane foam bricks Completed

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Polyurethane foam bricks Completed
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Polyurethane foam bricks Completed. Boltar Polyurethane Foam Finished

BSF Modular Elements (Finished Foam Bolt) are composed of a polyurethane foam block that includes a gap network. Each type of modular element is plated with gypsum board, glass fiber, OSB boards, etc. depending on the field of use.

The advantage of polyurethane foam is that it exhibits a thermal conductivity 60% less than polystyrene (0.024 W / m * k versus 0.04 W / m * k).
These BSF modular elements are designed for the construction of internal or external walls for civil, commercial and industrial constructions, as well as for residential buildings. The material is approved for construction P + 1 or P + M.

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