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Adjustable bracket Multiple 9/12

The product Adjustable bracket Multiple 9/12 is sold by Metrix Com company and is part of the Flanges product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Adjustable bracket Multiple 9/12 you can contact the company Metrix Com via an offer request below.
Adjustable bracket Multiple 9/12
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Adjustable bracket Multiple 9/12. Brida Reglabila multipla 9/12

 The support bolt is used for cross-sectional, horizontal or oblique fixing of the cross-sectional structure with CD profiles for the plasterboard
load bearing construction.

Adjusts the distance to the concrete structure.

The bracelets are mounted at a distance of 60 cm horizontally and 1.3 m vertically

They are made of galvanized steel sheet of cold rolled steel with a thickness of 1mm

This piece can also be used on wood.

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