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mixed burner

The product mixed burner is sold by Insaterm Total company and is part of the Mixed boiler burners product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product mixed burner you can contact the company Insaterm Total via an offer request below.
mixed burner
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Price: 1906.27
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mixed burner. Mixed burner

The TWIN series burners are mixed burners with gas and liquid fuel - diesel fuel burners.
They have the advantage that they can operate alternately on the available fuel, thus ensuring a high degree of operational autonomy and safety of the heating system in the event of a gas supply disruption.
Available in single-stage version - TWIN 13 with two operating steps - TWIN 50/2 E, 70/2 E, 120/2 E, 180/2 E.
The combustion head is built to allow for high efficiency and reduced CO and NOx emissions.

Burners are equipped with:
- command and control block
- Class A gas solenoid valve and safety solenoid valve,
- Automatic shut-off valve,
- sunblind cap for TWIN 13, TWIN 50/2 and TWIN 70/2

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