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Central Immergas wall

The product Central Immergas wall is sold by Kitabul Qadais company and is part of the Domestic boilers product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Central Immergas wall you can contact the company Kitabul Qadais via an offer request below.
Central Immergas wall
Sold by: Kitabul Qadais -
Price: 2100
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Central Immergas wall. The Immergas masonry

Model: EOLO STAR 24 Kw

Digital display, Auto-by-pass, fault code display, Electronic ignition, Continuous flame modulation, Ionisation electrode tampering, Bitermal heat exchanger, anti-ingress system and pump anti-blocking system, optimum temperature control on agent heating and hot water.

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