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Trimble Access software data collection

The product Trimble Access software data collection is sold by Giscad company and is part of the Software / Automation and Control product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Trimble Access software data collection you can contact the company Giscad via an offer request below.
Trimble Access software data collection
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Trimble Access software data collection. Trimble Access is a program dedicated to collecting and managing data obtained with various types of Trimble tools, but also features editing and computing functions. The facilities offered allow the complete editing of plans with the help of symbols in the field, thus eliminating a source of error. The program also runs in Romanian.

We can attach the current map file to DXF format or we can choose the user-created symbol library for specific works.

For RTK measurements, we can set NTRIP internet connections and choose the single station or VRS mode. Or we can choose radio transmission / reception, which can be configured up to 10 frequency channels (430-450 MHz).

The software allows defining Data, Coordinate Systems, Projections, Coordinate Transformations (Helmert)

The algorithm and distortion grid provided by ANCPI to perform the coordinate transformation determined from the ETRS89 reference system in the national reference system was implemented in the program.

- battery status
- the number of satellites
The radio signal or the internet signal, the signal quality can be viewed in the main menu.
The program allows you to obtain information about satellite data, position, or almanac data.
PDOP parameters are permanently displayed and hit critical value is also audible to prevent the operator from poor signal quality.

The program lets you view satellites, coordinates, real-time positions, plans, point-based sketches, or active DXF plan from which data can be extracted, or it can be just in the background as the zoom-oriented map.

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