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Decorative plaster silicone EMEX

The product Decorative plaster silicone EMEX is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Exterior plasters product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Decorative plaster silicone EMEX you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Decorative plaster silicone EMEX
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Decorative plaster silicone EMEX. Silicone Plaster EMEX is a professional product based on acrylic and silicone resins, specific additives and fillers, with the addition of quartz and marble granules of various sizes, intended for the decorative finishing of finishes, finishing, striated, matte finish. It has excellent adhesion, very high resistance and does not allow dirt to adhere to the support. It contains last generation organic, bio-biocide, which gives it good resistance to fungi and molds. It is made in any shade according to the NCS card, or it can be colored with coloring pastes.

Main Features:

- Excellent support grip;
- Easy application and maintenance;
- Protection against dirt;
- Good washability;
- High UV resistance;
- Good scratch resistance;
- Resistance to fungi and molds;
- High resistance to environmental factors;
- Vapor permeability and water impermeability.

Fields of Use:

     Silicone EMEX decorative plaster is used to protect and cover the exterior surfaces of new and old civil and industrial buildings, taking into consideration and obtaining special visual effects, as well as superior surface protection.
     This type of plaster is superior to the performance of almost all other types, especially because it has a great elasticity, being recommended for new buildings that are still working, but also for exceptional resistance to dirt or other exposure factors (weathering, UV , etc.). It also contains hydrophobicants that do not allow the water to enter the support.
     Although most modern cementitious plasters are used as a substrate, most of the mineral base surfaces are acceptable for application: concrete, masonry, lime-cement plasters, lime or plaster plasters, new or old plasters based on binders, tiles gypsum board, absorbent mineral aggregates of any type, old organic or mineral paint, dry, compact and absorbent, asbestos.
     Surfaces will necessarily be primed with EMEX Silicone Primer Primer, which also has the complementary role of creating anchor points to increase the adhesion of this plaster to the substrate.
     If there are areas of mold or fungus attacked, they will be treated with Sanitizant Forte EMEX.
     Also apply a first coat of EMEX Extruded Silicone Paints, as a base coat.

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