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Delaminated air

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Delaminated air
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Delaminated air. Air Destroyer

In working environments with hot-air heating systems, the need to maintain a temperature of about 18 & # 186; C near the floor level to provide occupants with comfort means accumulating a considerable amount of heat at the top of the room. This unused thermal agent is eventually dispersed outward. The DST Destroyer eliminates this problem by generating a vertical air jet to reduce the temperature difference between floor and ceiling at about 3 ° C. In the hot season, the descrambler can be used to provide efficient ventilation.

Technical data:

- Ventilation speed: 1400 rpm
- Air flow: 1750 m & # 179; h
- Installation height: 3 m
- Max. installation: 5 m
- Power supply: 400-3-50 V-ph-Hz 0.21 A
- Power absorbed power: 67 W
- Noise level: 44 dBA
- Weight: 16 kg

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