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Polishing machine Stern

The product Polishing machine Stern is sold by Cosminet Network company and is part of the Polishing Machines product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Polishing machine Stern you can contact the company Cosminet Network via an offer request below.
Polishing machine Stern
Sold by: Cosminet Network -
Price: 125
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Polishing machine Stern. Polishing machine Stern CP240A

This specialized model is designed for very fine surface treatment (painted, polished, stone, chemically treated surfaces, wood, polymers etc.) The internal parts of this model are very well protected against dust, thus ensuring a long life of the engine. Due to the current configuration, the direct current reaches directly to the motor and significantly increases the performance of the device and, at the same time, reduces its size and weight.The special conformation of the rotary base significantly improves the action of this apparatus on the work surfaces The use of new technologies has greatly reduced the noise level of this tool.


Weight 2.8 Kg
Output speed 3000 rot / min
Power 120 W
Polishing head size 240 mm
Voltage / Frequency 230V / 50Hz
Warranty 24 Months

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