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Leveling screed C-20

The product Leveling screed C-20 is sold by Feboni company and is part of the Floor Screeds product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Leveling screed C-20 you can contact the company Feboni via an offer request below.
Leveling screed C-20
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Leveling screed C-20. C-20 Equalization Clip

Recommended for flooring inside buildings. It can be used as a grip or float.
Available in multilayer paper bags with a net weight of 40 kg.

- 17 kg / sqm at 1 cm thick for half-grown holes;
- 21 kg / m² at 1 cm thickness for normal screed.


Equalizing screed CERADEZ C 20 is a homogeneous mixture of mineral binders, mineral aggregates and admixtures, which, in blending with water, form an easily processed product with special qualities.

Other details:

Appearance: gray homogeneous powder.
Conservation: 12 months in original packaging, on wooden pallets in dry places.
Quality assurance

The product is manufactured in a certified ISO 9001 quality management system, is a cement screed (CT), compressive strength class C 20, flexural stretch strength class F5 according to SR EN 13813: 2003.

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