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Fire telescopic door

The product Fire telescopic door is sold by HSL Solutions company and is part of the Fire resistant doors product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Fire telescopic door you can contact the company HSL Solutions via an offer request below.
Fire telescopic door
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Fire telescopic door. Sliding, double REI 120 doors according to UNI 9723 composed of:
- For installation on retaining walls or insulated steel beams or insulated steel structures.
- One-piece door leaf with steel plate panels insulated with insulating material. Screw installation The thickness of the door leaf is 80 mm.
- Stainless steel sheet pressed with expansion holes (not included). Low-friction sliding mechanism at the top, with floor bolt outside the sash in the wall. The upper guide rail is protected by pressed sheet metal.
- Pressed canals.
- Adjustable counterweights covered with steel plate protection with cavity for the edge of the door.
- Handles buried on both sides.
- Self-expanding gasket in all channels and under the door leaf.
- Identification plate with reference details directly on the handle.
- Finish with primer coat, 160 ° dry in oven in pastel shades, turquoise.
- Packaging: in metal containers.
- Dimensions on request.
- Working mode of the fuse-safe doors in series:
Door leaves remain in the position where they are left. The counterweights remain connected to the fuse and close the door when the fuse is burning.
- Door work mode with electromagnets (on request):
Door leaves normally remain in the open position The counterweights will pull the door leaf and the door closes when the power supply of the electromagnet is interrupted.
For safety reasons, doors equipped with electromagnets must be fitted with a braking device
Electromagnets for doors up to 12 m2:
 - Rated voltage: 24V.c.c.
 - Current intensity: 125mA
 - Strength: 600N
Electromagnets for doors over 12 m2:
 - Rated voltage: 24V.c.c.
 - Current intensity: 200mA
 - Strength: 1400N
- The fitting of any other accessories depends on the size of the door.
- Weight of sliding doors approximately 50 kg / m2 of opening in the wall.
- All RAL colors can be ordered.
- For security reasons, we recommend installing the braking system to control the door closing speed.
- FFL = Floor finish grade.

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