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Wooden fire door

The product Wooden fire door is sold by HSL Solutions company and is part of the Fire resistant doors product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Wooden fire door you can contact the company HSL Solutions via an offer request below.
Wooden fire door
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Wooden fire door. There are two types of fire resistant doors - EI 30 for 30 minutes and EI 60 for 60 minutes. They are ideal for anti-fire walls, where the door fire resistance class must correspond to at least half of the fire resistance class of the wall.
The door is a solid barrier against the fire extension, and in the case of EI 30, the doors are also characterized by a sound insulation of 35 dB. These doors are intended for use in all public buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.
The doors are offered as a set along with the metal case.

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