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Rain Bird solenoid JTV-100 series

The product Rain Bird solenoid JTV-100 series is sold by Irri Garden company and is part of the Solenoid valves product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Rain Bird solenoid JTV-100 series you can contact the company Irri Garden via an offer request below.
Rain Bird solenoid JTV-100 series
Sold by: Irri Garden -
Price: 95,48
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Rain Bird solenoid JTV-100 series. - JTV Series Rain Bird Electrival offers a wide range of uses, safe operation and ease of maintenance for residential irrigation.
- The threaded cap allows easy access inside the solenoid valve without the need for screws.

- Dimensions of 1 & # 8221; (26/34) right-aligned with inner thread connection.
- Pilot jet is double filtered
- Balancing pressure at diaphragm pressure, which gives the solenoid valve an enhanced durability.
- Low power selenoid with megnetic core that can not get dust or rubbish.
- It can work at low flow rates when it attaches the RBY particle filter
- External screw for cleaning the garbage system.
- Solenoid valve.


- Flow: 0.23-6.81m3 / h (for flows below 0.75m3 / h using RBY)
- Pressure: 1.0-10.3 bar
- Maximum water temperature: up to 43 ° C
- Ambient temperature: up to 52 ° C

Electrical Specifications:

- Coil: 24VAC - 50Hz
- Starting current: 0.30A (7.2VA)
- Operating current: 0.19A (4.6VA)


- Height: 12.7cm
- Length: 10.2cm
- Width: 7.9cm


100-JTV: Electrovalve FI 1 ", 24 VAC selenoid

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