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Cast iron radiator element Jolly MB

The product Cast iron radiator element Jolly MB is sold by Brener Instal company and is part of the Cast Iron Radiators product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Cast iron radiator element Jolly MB you can contact the company Brener Instal via an offer request below.
Cast iron radiator element Jolly MB
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Price: 125,49
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Cast iron radiator element Jolly MB. ELEMENT CALORIFER FOLDER JOLLY MB, 4 COLUMNS, ALB, 500x100mm, 115W


JOLLY cast iron radiators feature a modern form adapted to any type of home, as well as superior efficiency compared to other types of cast iron radiators.
The modern form of the radiator elements combines with better heat transfer (compared to other types of radiators) as a result of the two heat transfer surfaces. The optimization of the convection / radiation ratio allowed the achievement of the highest yielding radiant element for the weight / heat emission ratio present on the market.

Maximum working temperature: 95 ° C; Max working pressure: 6 bar; Sample pressure: 10.5 bar;

For this type of radiators are required:
. fastening system;
. vent valve;
. 3 reductions for cast iron 1. x 1/2 .;
. dop 1;
. 4 O-ring gaskets (for plug and reducers).
For radiators larger than 10 elements:
. 2 nipples;
. 2 nipple seals, every 1 ... 10 elements added.
NOTE: The heat agent delivered through the radiator may also be steam at a maximum pressure of 0.7 bar; The surface of the radiator element is the surface of the air; The nominal thermal power is calculated at the parameters: 90/70 - 20 = 60-C.

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