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Bathtub DeutchTub 4 persons exterior

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Bathtub DeutchTub 4 persons exterior
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Bathtub DeutchTub 4 persons exterior. DeutchTub is a tub, ideal for making hot dipping in the open air, regardless of outside weather.

It is ideal for four people, but its capacity is six people.

Bubble was created by designer Floris Schoonderbeek in 2002, and nominated for several design awards.

The water is heated by wood, inserted into a spiral with the bathtub fitted.

For comfort, the bathtub is equipped with a balloon in the center. The bathtub is also equipped with a beaker for cooling.

Each bathtub is handmade and numbered.

Dimensions: 176 x 84 cm.


- Special color: + 890 euro + VAT.

Standard colors: light blue, purple, green ocean, dark green, dark gray and orange.

- Fumar: + 1800 euros + VAT.

It is ideal for guiding smoke; keep the heat in the spiral of the spike, keeping the water warmer for longer; and last but not least, can be used as a barbecue.

- Support for ash: 300 euro + VAT.
- Very thick winter cover: 750 euro + VAT.
- Turbo: 400 euro + VAT

Turbo is a spiral valve that offers the possibility of heating the water during filling.

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